Fundraising ~ Become a Love for Senior Paws Partner Today

What is a L4SP Partner?

Love for Senior Paws (L4SP) raises money to support the medical care and well-being of senior animals in organizations just like yours. The L4SP profits are distributed to our L4SP Partners in two ways, through fundraising referral sales and as-needed donations. You must be a 501 (c)(3) organization to be eligible.

Fundraising Referral Sales

Our L4SP Partners receive 25% of the sale price for every sale they generate through a referral. Meaning if someone referred by the L4SP Partner purchases something for $10, then the L4SP Partner receives $2.50.

All sales are done through our website and completely handled by us. We manage the orders, shipping and all customer service and we simply send the funds raised to you each month. This program is ongoing for the shelter or organization that is a L4SP Partner.

There are three types of sales available to raise funds through our website:

  • Pin Club – Patrons who sign up for our monthly Pin Club are called “L4SP Pack Members”. They receive an original custom designed enamel collector’s pin once a month. Pricing for this Pin Membership starts at $15/month and goes up from there.
  • Pin Sales – We keep in stock our retired enamel pins and sell them individually.
  • Store Sales – We have a plethora of fun and interesting products available on our online store.

The L4SP Mission is to Raise Money to Support Organizations Like Yours

Our organization is registered as a Benefit Corporation. What that means is donating to non-profit organizations like yours comes first, profits come last. After fundraising payouts and expenses, money that comes into L4SP will be distributed amongst our L4SP Partners to support the medical and emotional care of the senior animals they are saving and provide transportation services as needed.

We Make it Really Easy to Get Started with L4SP!

  • Register once with Love for Senior Paws as a L4SP Partner. Registration takes less than ten minutes, we will walk you through it.
  • You’ll be given a unique L4SP link. People who click that link automatically become a referral from your L4SP Partner account. 25% of all sales we receive from those referrals will be paid out to you monthly.
  • We provide you with really easy ways to link to our website as a L4SP Partner.
    • Easy – You will receive a L4SP special link you can use on social media, in emails and any other promotional blasts you wish to do to tell your fans about the Pins.
    • Also Easy – We will provide you with all the graphics, text, flyers, brochures, etc. Just tell us what you need.
    • The Absolute Easiest! – We will set up your L4SP Partner account on our end to tag anyone who visits the L4SP site from your website. Simply put a link on your website for L4SP and the rest is automatic!
  • A L4SP Rep will be assigned to you to help build awareness of your fundraising efforts, taking the time and pressure off of you.
  • Collect your fundraising money once a month. Just one newsletter and/or social media blast could generate at least $200/month for your organization without you having to do a thing! And that’s just the beginning to raising more funds for your organization.

Another Bonus Available to You

When a senior animal becomes available for adoption at your location or you have an animal that is in serious need of assistance, your L4SP Rep will be happy to highlight the senior animal, ask people to spread the word, donate and/or ask them to adopt. This is completely optional for you and we are happy to do it! It is an excellent way to keep people involved and aware of your cause and increase adoptions.


No, the money a L4SP Partner receives from fundraising referrals has to be used to help animals but it can be animals of any age. The only money received by L4SP Partners that is required to be used for senior animals is the as-needed donations which are distributed directly and not through monthly fundraising payments. The as-needed donations are done on a case by case basis.

Not at all! There are no limits to the amount of referral money a L4SP Partner can make, no cap to your monthly payout. As long as your referral is an active member, you receive 100% of the profits of their Pin Club membership.

We are a no pressure organization! Your level of participation as a L4SP Partner is completely up to you. You can simply put a link on your site to our website. Or you can go all out and post about L4SP Pin Club on social media, send information through your newsletter and/or hand out flyers at your location and events.

Nope. We will do all of that for you. We have an amazing team here at L4SP who are ready to help you with whatever you need. Going to an event and want a special flyer? We got you covered. Want to hand out L4SP business cards? Yep, we can set you up with some of those too. We do everything we can to make being a L4SP Partner as easy for you as possible.